Roadblock on Border Project

Monkey grass soaking in tubs to soften the roots.

On Sunday morning I was enthusiastic about getting closer to finishing with digging up and replanting the de-weeded monkey grass border along the west garden. I sent my oldest son out ahead of me to do the digging up part. Unfortunately what he uncovered brought my project to a halt.

The landscaping timber was mostly rotten, with crabgrass roots running all through it. When I pulled on some roots the timber just fell apart. The timing is bad because banging rebar through fresh timber and into the ground is Mr. Mims’ department, and he’s still busy painting our fresh deck. He inspected my work, went somewhere to get the timber, dumped it in front of the site and then informed me that it’s low on his list right now. I can’t say I blame him. Continue reading

Flowering Fruit Trees

Our fruit trees are blooming on Paris Mountain.

It’s almost eight years since we established our homestead here on Paris Mountain.  Mr. Mims planted some fruit trees the first year, and a few more the next couple of years. We have apple, pear, plum, nectarine, cherry, and peach. At first they were like twigs that we could hardly see. Now we appear to have a small orchard. Last summer we got pears from one tree, but the squirrels stole all our pears from another. We have never seen a cherry yet, and suspect that it might be an ornamental variety. We’ve had a few small peaches and plums, but we’re still waiting for our summer of fruit. It is difficult to grow fruit here without applying chemicals to ward off disease and insects. But we figure that eventually there might be enough for us, the squirrels, the birds and the bees. That nasty mold and fungus is another story. But right now they sure look beautiful in bloom don’t they?

Humble Beginnings

This tiny sprout is destined to become a broccoli plant.

Last year I signed up for the Old Farmer’s Almanac personal planting reminders. A few weeks ago the only seeds they recommended starting indoors were onions, but I plan to plant onion starters this year. By February 18 the indoor seed planting list grew to about twenty items, among them were broccoli and lettuce, both of which I plan to put in my west wing garden this year. I’m proud to say that I have already purchased all of my seeds for this year’s garden. So I went in to my seed box and put some lettuce and broccoli seeds in the kitchen window just two days ago. Continue reading